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Maximize Traction from Your Social Media Posts

Content marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your online business. You provide your target customers with useful information that they want to hear. You build an audience, build trust, build a reputation. You could say that content marketing is free, but not really. You either have to pay someone to create it […]

Test Your MVP Before it Exists

How minimal can your Minimal Viable Product be? You may think that you need to create a completely functional product before you can get feedback, but you can launch faster than you think. Large corporations will usually hire a research firm to do a focus group when products are in the early stage of development. […]

Welcome to Lean Business Startup

This blog is for people who wish to start or grow a business using lean methods. What is Lean methodology? Toyota. Lean manufacturing was developed after World War II by Taiichi Ohno for Toyota Motors with the idea of increasing efficiency by reducing waste and integrating continuous improvement. Lean ideas have spread into many industries, […]

Can You Become an Internet Millionaire?

Have you thought about all the people who have made fortunes on the Internet and asked, “Why not me?”  After all, some of the richest people in the world made their fortunes through software and the Internet: Rank Name Net Worth Source 1 Bill Gates $75 B Microsoft 5 Jeff Bezos $45.2 B 6 […]

How to get rich in one step

Do you want be rich beyon d your wildest dreams?  Live in a big, beautiful house in the And it’s esier  neighborhood?  Drive a luxury car? Travel the world in first class style?  Never worry about money again?  You can do so.  And it’s easier than you think.  You don’t have to follow a 100 […]

Making Mobile First

Mobile First allows software developers and web designers to write their code once and run it everywhere: Desktop web application Android Phone or Tablet Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Most other devices that can run web applications Time to Pivot I had taken a break from my blog series, SEO Step by Step, because I did […]

Lean business process flow

5 Steps to Lean Business Startup

The lean business start-up is about creating a sustainable business quickly with a minimal investment.  You want to find out quickly if your product or service is something that customers will pay for and if they will pay enough for you to make sufficient profit to survive and grow the business. Lean Business Startup is […]

What makes the Lean Business Startup blog different

There are thousands of blogs, books, articles, magazines, and videos about starting a business. Why would you want to read this one? One differentiating factor about Lean Business Startup is that it chronicles the real startup of a new Internet technology business, I will apply each step of the lean business startup method to […]

How to Get a 21st Century MBA

The Lean Business Start-up Blog incorporates new ideas for marketing, PR, and lean business practices in the Web 2.0 era.  Doing business in the century of instant global networking is radically different than traditional marketing from the 1900’s.  There are several authors who are thought leaders in the new rules of business. Here’s a list of […]

Lean Business Start-up

Lean Business focuses on one thing: Value to the customer.  Anything that does not create value for your customers is waste.  Lean business is about eliminating waste, producing the most customer value with the least amount of resources. This blog is for people who want to start a lean business. You  need to create a […]