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Google find keywords

SEO Step-by-Step: Use Keyword Analytics to Calculate the Most Profitable Keywords

This is part three in my series, SEO step-by-step. We’ve now covered the first two steps of optimizing your site for top search engine results: Start with your own initial list of keyword search phrases, thinking of what your customer would enter when looking for a site like yours Enter these search phrases into Google […]

Lean business process flow

5 Steps to Lean Business Startup

The lean business start-up is about creating a sustainable business quickly with a minimal investment.  You want to find out quickly if your product or service is something that customers will pay for and if they will pay enough for you to make sufficient profit to survive and grow the business. Lean Business Startup is […]

Lean Business Start-up

Lean Business focuses on one thing: Value to the customer.  Anything that does not create value for your customers is waste.  Lean business is about eliminating waste, producing the most customer value with the least amount of resources. This blog is for people who want to start a lean business. You  need to create a […]