How to get rich in one step

Do you want be rich beyon d your wildest dreams?  Live in a big, beautiful house in the And it’s esier  neighborhood?  Drive a luxury car? Travel the world in first class style?  Never worry about money again?  You can do so.  And it’s easier than you think.  You don’t have to follow a 100 step plan, or a 10 step plan, or even a three step plan.  You can acheive wealth in one step:

1. Provide incredible value

Your success is directly related to the value you provide to others. That’s what money is: a measure of value exchange.

Think about how you spend your money.  You don’t give anyone your hard-earned cash unless they give you something in exchange that you consider more valuable.  A roof over your head, Transportation. Food. Clothes. Entertainment. Security. Education.

The money you have is as valuable to you as the effort that you took to get it.  And you will give it to someone else if they give you something that would take you more effort to obtain by yourself.

And where do you get money? From other people who have money by giving them value.  For example, if you have a job then you are  providing skilled labor that your employer values.

You can either provide a lot of value to one person or a little value to many people.

For intance  if you are movie star and  you  provide enough entertainment value to each audience member for them to want to pay a few dollars to buy a ticket, and if there are millions of people that value the entertainment you provide then you can make millions of dollars.  Or if you are a star athelete then you provide value to your team and to the companies you endorse.  And because there are millions of people who want to watch you play the owners of your team and your sponsors will pay you millions of dollars.

Therefore, if you want to be wealthy then focus on providing value.  Focus on providing as much value as you can to each customer and to as many customers as possible.

This requires you to change your thought habits.  Instead of thinking, “I want to be rich,” think about how you can provide value.  Imagine your potential customers and put yourself in their place.  Think about what they value enough to pay money for, and how you can provide it better than anyone else.

That is another aspect about success: you not only have to provide value, you have to provide the best value.  When you spend your money, you don’t just spend it on things you value, but you are always looking for the best value, right?  That’s how everyone is; always looking for the best value.  For every rock star, movie star, and star athelete there are ten thousand that want to be stars but aren’t.

So you must look within yourself, at your talents and gifts, and decide what it is that you can do that will provide a better value.  And the more you focus on the  value you can provide, the more money you will make.


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