Can You Become an Internet Millionaire?

Have you thought about all the people who have made fortunes on the Internet and asked, “Why not me?”  After all, some of the richest people in the world made their fortunes through software and the Internet:

Rank Name Net Worth Source
1 Bill Gates $75 B Microsoft
5 Jeff Bezos $45.2 B
6 Mark Zuckerberg $44.6 B Facebook
7 Larry Ellison $43.6 B Oracle
12 Larry Page $35.2 B Google
13 Sergey Brin $34.4 B Google

Source: Forbes – The World’s Billionaires

Of course billionaires are extremely rare, with only about 1,800 in the entire world according to Forbes.  But the good news is that millionaires are becoming more common.  CNBC reports that there are now 15.7 millionaires in the U.S., about 6.4% of the adult population. And according to a Fidelity Investments survey, 80% are self-made.  But the same survey tells us the mean age of millionaires is 63 and the median income is $125,000, so we could surmise the following formula to become a millionaire:

  1. Get a high-paying job
  2. Save and invest money your entire life

But what if you want to be a millionaire sooner?  There are many best-selling books on this subject and most present a simple plan for you to become rich:

  1. Create a unique product that meets the needs of a specific market
  2. Create a website
  3. Create a Facebook page
  4. Email an offer to your list
  5. Count your millions

However, most leave out the most important details: how do you get large numbers of people to come to your website, give you their email, and then buy from you?

You may be in the same situation, wanting to be a successful entrepreneur but not knowing the practical steps of finding customers and making sales.  Recently I have learned some some interesting ideas on how to:

  • Create a product on a minimum budget that people really want to buy
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website without paying for advertising
  • Have your offer sent to thousands of qualified email subscribers without having a list of your own
  • Enlist an army of salespeople without paying anything until you have sales

It is my intention to become an Internet millionaire and chronicle each step in this blog so that you can follow along and do the same.  That is what makes the Lean Business Startup blog unique.  If you read a book by someone who is already successful was it because they have a process you can follow too, or did they start with some advantage that you and I do not have, or were they just lucky?  If you follow a guy starting completely from scratch and you see him succeed, then you can have much more confidence that you too can achieve your dream.

At the moment, I have a full-time job and I’m developing a software product in my spare time, spending no more many than I would on hobby like model trains, golf, or motorcycling.  I will be making use of the following:

  • Lean startup method
  • Content marketing (which this blog is a part of)
  • Social media and PR
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Networking

The product I’m building is an online mobile web development tool,, that provides custom software for businesses on a subscription basis so they can give better service to their customers.  I believe that there is a market for this, but I will be testing this assumption and will let you know the results.

I will also be covering all of the above topics in detail and making regular updates on this blog about my progress in both product development and marketing.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to keep up each step of my journey then please subscribe using the form below (which is powered by DbEasy) and I will let you know each time I post an update, plus let you be the first to try DbEasy for your own web success.







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