Lean Business Start-up

Lean Business focuses on one thing: Value to the customer.  Anything that does not create value for your customers is waste.  Lean business is about eliminating waste, producing the most customer value with the least amount of resources.

This blog is for people who want to start a lean business.

You  need to create a sustainable business quickly without a large amount of capital.  Lean business start-up techniques will help you do that.  In this blog we will talk about:

  • Creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Testing the demand for your MVP
  • Testing the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Continually improving your product and offer to achieve business success

We will learning and practicing these things together as I start my business, dbEasy.com, a web database application service provider.  I will chronicle the steps I take to start and grow my business and hopefully you will achieve success as well as you follow along.

Ray Wampler
Founder of dbEasy.com


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